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Role Of Synapse India In Shaping The Digital Growth Of Education Industry

calender 20 Dec 2021

“A quality website has the potential to drive traffic and engage users. It is easy to navigate a thoughtfully created website. College websites are a great source of providing valuable information to the students.”


Digital transformation has changed the world. Now people use the internet for almost everything, from businesses to products to services everything is available on the Internet. Every information on everything is just a click away.

Hence in these changing scenarios we cannot overlook the importance of websites. Website is the first impression you give to your potential users. Your website is the first point of contact so try to make it as impressive as possible. 

SyanpseIndia is a global name when it comes to Website Development. We are masters in developing websites for both product and service-oriented businesses. 

Lately, we have added one more feather in our cap by working on USA’s Madonna University’s website. We are a part of website development for education industry in the USA. 

USA’s Madonna University is the leading education provider that offers both on-campus and online courses at various degree levels. The prestigious University became our client when they trusted us for creating a responsive version of the existing website. 

The client provided us the PSD and our HTML developers created the responsive website using the same.

View of our developers on building a college website

A college website can resemble a cookbook, loaded with extraordinary data and thoughts, and can be totally overpowering. Where do you begin? Looking at the pictures will not take you anywhere. Would you be able to taste the food you are thinking about by looking at a picture? Would you be able to envision a food just from the list of ingredients? Do you have enough ingredients in your kitchen to make the recipe exciting? 

As you start exploring new data, recall, Julia Child wasn't generally an extraordinary cook! Indeed, when she got married, she could scarcely cook. Experience doesn't make any difference. A receptive outlook does. Let the joy of discovering be your guide. 


The job of a college website has changed significantly in the course of recent years. Students' assumptions for simple, accessible data drives universities to get as much data online as could reasonably be expected. It additionally can prompt a battle for what data makes it onto the landing page and the number of clicks it will take to find the thing the students are searching for. 

Student administrations are progressively using the college website to interact with students and expecting that students will be capable of exploring the college website. Students hope to effortlessly find data; this is helped when the college utilizes logical association to the data engineering and design of the website. College websites can be extremely disappointing to new users, particularly if the new user is a first-time student and is new to the underlying structure of the college framework. At SynapseIndia, we create a college website that provides maximum information in a short stretch of time.

Adding to potential confusion can be the absence of capacity to see the whole landing page of the college contingent upon the size of screen or cell phone the students is accessing the site from. Students are progressively utilizing smart phones and tablets as their primary device for using the internet. Some of the time key data a student needs might be barely out of view on the screen.

Coherent arrangement of data for the college's requirements may not be a sensible progression of data for the students' necessities. According to the college point of view, students have different groups. 

Here are a few examples:

  • New
  • Returning
  • Transferring
  • Students needing accommodations
  • Local residents
  • Veterans
  • International
  • Credit
  • Non-credit/Community Education
  • Adult Basic Education 

Every one of these groups can have minor departure from what their initial steps ought to be. Students aren't really used to considering themselves as per these groups. It may very well be hard for first time students, who might squeeze into more than one of these groups, to conclude which one is the place to begin. 

Moreover, some college websites may not be versatile with the goal that students who are utilizing cell phones or tablets might face obstacles. In spite of the likely challenges, the present students need to become smart users of the college site and recognize the job it will play in the communication process.


Website Challenges

  • Can you find the Mission Statement/Strategic Plan/Vision of the college?
  • What does the statement say and why is it important to know a college’s mission/plan/vision?
  • What are the steps you would take to enroll at the college?
  • How many locations does the college have and where are they?
  • How long would it take you to travel to the location of that college?
  • What term are you planning to attend for the first time? Is there an application deadline you must meet?
  • Where can you find important dates and deadlines for the term?
  • Does the college have a student conduct code? (A document about student rights and responsibilities)
  • Does the college have placement tests a student needs to take prior to starting college?
  • Does the website explain what type of tests are required and is there a cost?
  • How can a student enroll in an online degree course?

Website Challenge Reflection

  • How comfortable were students navigating the college websites?
  • Did the websites’ organization make sense to the students?
  • What was the strategy for finding the information you were looking for?
  • What information would you consider most important to you as a student?
  • What makes up a quality website? 

The college website has become the source of communication between students and college. It is beneficial for students to have a website that can make them a part of the learning community. 



A quality website that drives traffic and instantly gives students the information they are looking for has become the need of every college. A useful and result-oriented website is clean, easy to navigate, well-organized, functional, modern (in terms of style and layout) and lastly motivates the visitor to take some action. Often a visually appealing thing looks more promising, thus creating a promising and appealing product for you is our ultimate goal. Our strength lies in delivering a quality website that all admire.

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