How a fact or two about the India's Web Development Industry can help you make a better Outsourcing Decision

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How a fact or two about the India's Web Development Industry can help you make a better Outsourcing Decision

Indian web development industry has proven to be a great helping hand for clients looking for cost-effective web development. Multiple reasons make Indian web development companies the preferred choice of global clients. Better understanding of clients requirements, honest approach, domain expertise are few of such reasons.

By Geeta

Outsourcing and India has been referred together for quite a long time. Most the professionals take that with some, but there are some who without the right idea of this industry’s authority comments roughly or sometimes misinterprets the achievements that has been done.

The summit scaled

This write-up is for those individual who wishes to explore more about Indian web development industry and for those who must know the facts right and put the information making a better decision. India is primarily the nation which single-handedly has made the transition of web to mobile possible with huge user base and developer meant for supporting the same. This is the land where fortune 500 companies outsources maximum of their projects globally. Keeping everything aside just putting an eye over the Indian IT revenue for past few years does reveal the achievements. In FY 14 it is expected that this industry will touch the benchmark of $51.9 billion which was just $45.2 billion last year. This is much better than the turnover the Europe all together keeping in mind that service prices are quite towards the lower end over here. Being said about industry lets shift focus on the companies over there.

It’s when the companies act like professionals and friends that when things start to roll

Most of the clients often complain that companies do not handle their projects as they should have and because of that their development process suffers. This mostly happens when any particular company does not relate with the client’s requirements and puts him in their shoe. With most of the well-settled Indian firms the thing is completely different. It has been seen that from the very initial stage they act like a friend and considers every aspect of research for the clients benefit. If there is anything in clients brief which might not add that much value to the project they honestly share the thought. This kind of approach and attitude is really appreciable as business is not all about getting paid from clients all the time, it’s more about making the bond and thinking about their benefit 24/7. All these traits make for the reputation of every well known web development company in India and have earned them such a huge loyal customer base.

What can you expect to get

There are certain values, approaches and services that you are certain to get when you are in a project with any Indian firm. Some of them are shared below for solidifying you trust in them with more precision.

A. Honest approach: In most of the initial conversations you will find that, these firms are really honest with their option and expertise level. If a firm lacks on certain department they will immediately tell you about looking for it somewhere with some suggestive names off course. This makes them your trusty friend from the very beginning.

B. Experience and exposure: Almost at one fourth of the service cost you will get same experience of professional with global project exposure. This is not just money saving, this is actually a smart hiring and every business needs that.

These two primarily sums up the Indian environment as talking additionally about their technical expertise is needless and everyone knows that. When you hire someone from India be sure to get all these stated above.


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