How to Integrate Multi Faceted SharePoint services with Cloud?

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How to Integrate Multi Faceted SharePoint services with Cloud?

A robust centralized platform, Microsoft SharePoint serves as the crucial platform for enterprises looking for effective, robust enterprise solutions. Most importantly, custom application development with help of Microsoft SharePoint 2010 is easy and several local third-party vendors are offering such Cloud solutions at different rates. Integrating SharePoint 2010 benefits with Windows Azure can also provide several ways for blending SharePoint 2010 features and Cloud.

By Vikas

Microsoft SharePoint serves as a robust centralized platform to fulfill requirements pertaining to different mixes of  customized enterprise module and web applications. Especially, for a proprietary solution buyer, its a concept that can be risked to loose at any cost. SharePoint 2010 deals with Sites, Communities, Insights, Content, Search, and Composites. Enterprises looking for robust solutions are approaching SharePoint 2010 services for suitably managing & provisioning intranet, documents, websites, portals, and Extranet.

Custom SharePoint App Using Cloud...

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Microsoft has shown its proficiency via SharePoint 2010 in this widely distributed Cloud computing era. Custom application development using Microsoft SharePoint 2010 is fairly easy and at present a number of local third-party vendors are selling such Cloud solutions at varying rates. By integrating SharePoint 2010 benefits with Microsoft's popular Windows Azure hosting platform, one can derive several ways to blend features of SharePoint 2010 and Cloud. Several opportunities exist at present for building & deploying Cloud-centric web applications. Moreover, based on data integration & content delivery, Windows Azure developers have yet another bright opportunity. SharePoint improvement via Cloud can be attained in following areas -

  • Leveraging Windows Azure blob
  • Building impressive BI dashboards
  • Serving multiple consumers via a common Cloud app
  • Extending on-premise code

What's More in Store with SharePoint...

SharePoint is one of the most widely accepted and used Microsoft technologies. SharePoint foundation may be available for free but premium versions are available for a fixed price. Microsoft offers Cloud computing services as part of Office 365 and BPOSS (Business Productivity Online Standard Suite). Also, Microsoft has been working to eliminate the issues that users are commonly facing while employing SharePoint.

Many users frequently come across accidental site deletion issues; Microsoft has come out with the Recycle Bin solution for this issue. With Recycle Bin, users need not worry about accidental site deletion as site recovery becomes easier with it. SharePoint has plenty on offer; the point is which solution you choose for your business.

Its also necessary at the same time to approach the right service provider for your needs. Just like you can easily find a Microsoft SharePoint developer these days; its also quite feasible to find SharePoint consulting services provider. So, choice is yours and you can go for the more suitable option depending on your organizational needs.


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