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How to Setup an Ecommerce Store? - SynapseIndia

calender 28 Apr 2014

“Over the years, the e-commerce industry has flourished at a rapid pace and several online stores built on different platforms have been launched. Setting up your own online store is easy provided you follow the crucial steps that include getting the proper domain, creating site architecture and mindmap, finalizing the suitable design, initiating development, Payment gateway integration etc.”

We, the global ‘netizen’, are witnessing one of the healthiest growths in the count of users subscribing tot the medium called internet.  We are getting more elders, friends, peers and younger ones associating with us over the platform of internet. The maximum number of the internet lovers are coming from the region of Asia pacific according to Cisco Visual networking Index forecast 2011-2016  - which is 40.6% of all, followed by Western Europe at 22.4% and North America having a share of 20%.

This is the Time!

Such an extensive growing naturally makes one start thinking about setting up and beginning an ecommerce portal. Even an endeavor targeting a fraction of the user-base can transpire into significant gains. With an internet traffic reach of almost 1.3 zettabytes by 2016 globally, the eCommerce industry is set to flourish for long.

Hire Professional Ecommerce Web Development Agency

The Steps to Create the Brilliance:

Having an idea is the first step towards the big goal, but for making headlines with record breaking sales one needs to hire professional ecommerce web development agency. Only a professional with all the flavor of the trade must be knocked from the very initial phase of development. One must know the various steps included in the whole formation of standard ecommerce portal as a business owner to monitor the whole process properly. Here are those steps discussed in a little detail for giving fair idea to you.

A. Buying the right Domain: Name creates the first impression so make sure that you decide with a name that has no other business identity for effortless brand establishment. In case if you take a name which is already used by some other established name you will have tough time making space for our brand in the web. Also, it’s wise to buy a SEO friendly domain with the essence of your core business. Make sure that you take only one username in whole marketing approach and if possible check if that is available along with the domain.

B. Site architecture and mindmap creation: This is the time when the whole architecture of the ecommerce site is planned keeping in mind your goal and targeted audience. Once this is done the final mindmap is created for the help of developers and designer for starting the process of site building. In this stage consult with professional information architect and web planning expert as they have all the knowledge regarding the site layout formation.

C. Site USP offering finalization: Make sure that you point out all the specialties about your portal and idea to the development team.  This will help them relate with your vision and ultimate goal with the portal.

D. Design Finalization: This is the time to start with the design part through meeting with web designers and UX designers and finalizing it through various stages of revisions and updating.

E. Initiate development: When you have the final design in hand the development part gets started and all the functionalities are embedded as per your demand.

F. Payment gateway integration: This is very vital as all the sales generation has to be through this port and so has to be real secure and easy to do the checkout.

G. Testing: Make sure to get the help of professional QA tester in this stage so that your portal does not have any bug.

H. Hosting and live: Now is the time of looking for dedicated hosting server with optimum speed for making your site live and ready for users to pay visit.

If your site is now ready with the right marketing approach, the sales generation is just a matter of time.

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