Keep Safe of Mobilegeddon with Robust Drupal Modules

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Keep Safe of Mobilegeddon with Robust Drupal Modules

With recent google algorithm change, making websites mobile friendly has become extremely crucial. There are mobile-friendly Drupal modules like Picture Module, BreakPoints, Fences etc., available at present that can help a site be well-prepared for mobile.

By Jitendra

Google made a change to its ranking algorithm recently to facilitate more preference for mobile-friendly sites. It simply means that mobile friendly sites can expect better search engine rankings while those not complying with the mobile-friendly factor will experience sharp fall in rankings. So, time has arrived to get ready and make your website more mobile-friendly with help of mobile-friendly Drupalule mods created by some of the experienced Drupal web developers. Let’s take a look at  a few of them.

Mobile friendly website - experienced Drupal web developers

Picture Module - 3G or 4G is not within the reach of everyone. Handling images at low bandwidth necessarily needs due consideration in the present scenario because ignoring this aspect would lead to image loading problems for users having a low speed connection. Page loading time is a crucial aspect that Google considers to decide whether a site is mobile-friendly or not; hence, if the image loading time is more than 3-4 seconds, you can expect not only your customers to bounce away. Picture module helps you manage images easily & swiftly. Any image you use can be turned into an adaptive one with the help of this Drupal module.

FitVids - Google’s bots are looking for proper use of video in a website to consider it mobile friendly. Using FitVids, you can resize embedded videos automatically to fit to mobile screen/browser. This Drupal module makes use of Javascript to effectively scale the embedded video as per the contains specified.  

BreakPoints - As far as the current scene is considered, Google’s mobile design guide brings out the importance of dynamic serving, responsive and separate URLs. However, with the next update, these could easily change very significantly. BreakPoints is a Drupal module that allows you to implement responsive in a better way; majorly it allows you to set breakpoint standards in terms of height, width, and resolution according to the different device types.

Fences - It may prove to be quite code-intensive when you go for theming your website. For example, every time when you require displaying a field, you may need reconfiguring an HTML element same number of times. Fences is a useful Drupal module that helps you skip this extensive coding regime. All heavy field markup is taken well care of when you use this module.


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Author: Jitendra

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