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SynapseIndia relies on creative design approaches to deliver high-performance solutions

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SynapseIndia relies on creative design approaches to deliver high-performance solutions

In this step, the team sketches wireframes of the design that is further used in development.

By Manish

SynapseIndia is known among clients worldwide for delivering carefully crafted software solutions. We maintain this reputation by relying on a tried-and-tested software development life cycle (SDLC) that uses efficient techniques. The software development method used by our team is counted among the most efficient and productive processes. The design is one of the most remarkable parts of this SDLC process.

SynapseIndia Design Process

The design stage starts once the analysis part is complete. It involves the use of advanced design tools and research methodologies to create an insight into the project. This insight is based on factors like identification of business needs, heuristic analysis, and user inputs. The designers also leverage user mapping techniques to identify the potential gaps between design and user experience (UX). The next step in design is to create an information architecture. This process comprises techniques such as Card Sorting and ensures a seamless flow of information throughout the design process.
Wireframing and prototyping are very crucial to the entire process in terms of the final output of the design. The designers, in this particular step, sketches wireframes of the design, that include high-fidelity wireframes. Once the wireframes have been created, the design team makes an interactive prototype. This step is also important in a client's perspective for we share a prototype of the product at this stage. At SynapseIndia, we are extremely serious about our design practices and how they impact clients' business. You can count on us for taking your 


SynapseIndia Design Process

Author: Manish

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