What Are the Different Types of Software Development [Complete List]?

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What Are the Different Types of Software Development [Complete List]?

There are different types of software development in the industry for different specializations. In this blog, we will provide a complete list of types of software development.

By Priya Chandoliya


If you want to hire a software development vendor, you might have a product or products in mind to develop, such as a website, application, or program. But before you start your search, you need to find out what exactly you are looking for beyond what you are building.

There are many different types of developments. Often, different types of developers work together to make your project come true. Here are the 11 types of software development:

11 Different Software Development Types 

Here, in the upcoming sections, we will explain the types of software programming. So, let’s take a quick look:

#1. Mobile Development

As the name depicts, a mobile developer creates applications that run natively on mobile devices, including smartphones, tablets, and some types of smartwatches. Typically, these professionals will specialize in Android app development or iOS app development, but not both.

It is possible to work with both operating systems. However, many companies will work with expert developers because they possess more knowledge and insight into the complexities of each development type than those who dabble into both, even though the tools/frameworks/languages tend to be different.

#2. Web Development

Web development is the process of creating web applications. People use these applications through an Internet browser on a multitude of devices. It is different from a mobile app, which runs on a phone or tablet and doesn't necessarily require an internet connection to work. Web development is a general term that encompasses both front end and backend development.

#3. Security Software Development

It is one of the most important and fashionable software development fields ruling the internet these days. People relate it to hacking most of the time, but in a good way. Penetration testers with cybersecurity experts work for the well-being of your systems and data, as well as businesses. Security software development means developing software that keeps your critical business assets safe from theft, including hate attacks.

#4. Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is gaining importance these days, and the days when local file storage was all the rage are long gone. Cloud services use remote server networks to store and manage data instead of using a personal computer/local server, and such developers come with good experience in creating cloud storage applications.

#5. API Development

API development refers to the development of application programming interfaces, which states formulating something extensible. It lays the foundation for the conventional procedures, tools, database access rules, types, and GUI interaction methods that developers developing applications can practice for that particular API. 

Developers must know how to create programs for multiple operating systems, web and mobile devices. It allows third-party developers to partner with vital tools or functions for API development.

#6. Database Development

Database administrator and database developer are two different roles, and people often confuse the two. A database administrator works on daily database maintenance and troubleshooting and implements the system.

A database developer, on the contrary, takes ownership for building the database, modifying and designing new or existing programs and making sure they meet database requirements. Sometimes the functions of the administrator and the database developer overlap and depend on the client requirements.

#7. Embedded Systems Development

An embedded system implies a network with a dedicated role within a large electrical or mechanical system serving a general purpose. It is a type of software designed for other software to help operate a machine or a device. 

It gets installed as part of a device and includes hardware and mechanical parts. Embedded systems development requires you to have the coding skills necessary for embedded systems. Embedded software is specialized for the particular software your machine or device runs on.

#8. Application Development

Application development involves developing a set of programs that will help perform different tasks in a company. Application developers are known for developing mobile and computer applications and software programmers. They test programs and fix errors and problems so that the application can help in the daily operation of its users.

#9. Front-end Development

Front-end developers work on that part of the product that interacts with the user. They are initially concerned with the user interface. Front-end developers create the layout, visuals, and interactive elements of a website or application. However, their role is not identical to that of a UI or UX designer.

They also fix bugs and make sure the user interface can run in different browsers. The front-end developers must be proficient in programming and work closely with the backend developers to ensure that the two aspects of the product work consistently.

#10. Back-end Development

In contrast, a backend developer works with the part of the product that users cannot see: the backend. Backend developer builds the infrastructure that powers the website, application, or program, focusing on functionality, systems integration, and core logic. They will also address the complex underlying fabric, ensuring robust performance, scalability, and security.

#11. Data Science

Data scientists are known to play a crucial role in providing value to large data sets. It may seem useless to a regular person who does not understand the domain. However, people working in data science have a complete grasp and know-how to find value in data that a random individual may not see. Data Scientists have the knowledge to extract actionable insights, manipulating a large amount of data with the help of analytical approaches.

Types of Software Development- Concluding Thoughts

In this blog, we covered 11 different types of software development fields. Software development is an increasingly lucrative and sought-after field. So, if you are looking to hire developers for your dream project, you should consider SynapseIndia.

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