When to Use Node.JS Development for Your Business

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When to Use Node.JS Development for Your Business

Do you know why you should use node.js? or else do you know when to use Node.js? Read the blog to understand everything in depth.

By Priya Chandoliya

Gone are the days when JavaScript was only used as a client-side programming language, today the application area has expanded and is now used for server-side programming as well. Node.js has played an important role in this paradigm shift in web application development.


What is Node.js?

Node.js is an open-source server environment that runs on numerous platforms using JavaScript. It is not a framework, but rather a runtime environment that allows you to run JavaScript code on the server-side. The popularity of Node.js has increased dramatically since its release in 2009. Node.js has several core elements, including:


Node.js development is based on the Google Chrome V8 JavaScript engine, which makes it lightweight and fast to execute code.

Event-Driven Architecture

Node.js does not create multiple threads for each request or wait for one request to complete before starting another. It runs on a single thread and starts multiple simultaneous requests. If no data is returned when the server calls the application programming interface (API), it passes to the next API. Then the event module helps the server to get a response from the above API.

Node Package Monitor

Node.js development supports a document-based database model, rather than SQL. Node Package Monitor (NPM) has the world's largest open-source library registry, from which you can easily import whatever functionality you need for your application. With access to the NPM, you can reuse code to build applications faster.

Why use Node.js for Web App Development?

From speed to competition in real-time web application development, there are many reasons why companies are embracing Node.js development services for their web applications. 

  • Suitable for Real-time Applications 

When it comes to developing real-time applications, the Node.js application development bundle comes with some unique features, such as that it is highly scalable and synchronizes data between the client and the server. It is well suited for programs that need an event-based server as well as non-blocking-controlled servers. 

  • Efficient Single Code Base 

Node.js is a game-changing technology, as developers can write JavaScript code both on the server side and on the client-side. As per the experts at SynapseIndia, this process makes it easy to send and automatically sync data between these two points, helping developers save time. 

  • Fast and scalable 

Written in JavaScript, Node.js has exceptional code execution speed. Thus, you can increase the development speed of any framework. When using Node.js, developers must write the program correctly for the final application to adhere to the written steps.

When to Use Node.js Development for Your Business?

  • Server-side Web Applications

Developers can effectively use Node.js to build classic web applications on the server side. If your application is not computationally intensive and you want to simplify development work, compile it into JavaScript while using the JSON storage object database like MongoDB.


  • Data Transmission


Streams are objects that allow you to continuously read data from a source or write data to a destination. There are four types of streams in Node.js: readable, writable, transformed, and duplex. A flow module forms a base API that is used to build objects to implement the flow interface.

  • Application Control Panel

Another case where Node.js is commonly used is for creating performance monitoring systems. You can create a real-time dashboard and open a communication channel to collect real-time statistics of user interactions.

Concluding Thoughts

As you can see, Node.js is a powerful tool that shows excellent performance in many cases. The list of uses of Node.js and its application examples is quite long, and your project can benefit from using this technology.

Furthermore, the vast Node.js community is constantly working to improve the platform, and it can happen that even cases where Node.js is not the best option become a thing of the past.

If you are planning a web application project and are thinking of hiring a Node.js developer or hiring DevOps engineers, please contact us for a professional analysis and consultation. We will suggest the technology that will showcase your idea and make sure that it has the most optimal performance.



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Author: Priya Chandoliya

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