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Being a web application development company we provide web application design and custom web application development services on various technologies like, ASP.NET, Silverlight, PHP etc. as per the client's custom needs. We also build Facebook applications.

Our Web Application Development Solutions

Some of the prominent web applications we have built are -

  • Secure and user specific dashboard with ease of use and administration, providing comprehensive source of information.
  • Integrate easily into other server-side web procedures, such as email and searching.
  • Multiple tier application with backend data store layer, a business logic/application layer, and a front end layer serving the data out to your web page.
  • Linear horizontal scalable - Increase power of hardware over time by adding x units of hardware box to any of your application layers, and increase the capacity of that layer by x unit.
  • Easy deployment and installation to initiate and launch the service.

Hire Web Application Developer

We have a huge team of web application developers in India and to help the businesses make their online venture a big success, we offer custom web application development in various platforms & technologies including Microsoft .Net, Perl, LAMP (Linux-Apache-MySql-PHP), Sharepoint, Silverlight, Adobe AIR etc. The bespoke web application development allows the businesses to get the app designed exactly as per their specific needs. The web applications developed by us are secure, user friendly, easy to use and understand, scalable (scale-up and scale-out) and quickly deployable.

Our Web App Development

Our web application solutions includes custom business applications, e-commerce applications, database integration, CRM Solutions and custom integration, portal and dashboard development etc. We provide custom web application development service form India with cross platform/browser compatibility. Based on our client's requirement we also provide WAI-ARIA (Web Accessibility Initiative-Accessible Rich Internet Applications) support for assistive technologies in our Web apps. Quality is the utmost concern for us and therefore all our web applications are designed and developed to comply with the W3C standards.

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