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Cab Booking Application Workflow & Drive Users to Reach Us for Insights & Quote

calender 12 Aug 2022

“The need for online taxi booking app has increased considerably post pandemic. People these days prefer to travel safely and comfortably. In addition, the improvised features of these applications is making them popular worldwide.”

Cab Booking Application Workflow & Drive Users to Reach Us for Insights & Quote

New-age technology relies on smartphones; indeed, mobile app development has given rise to e-commerce and daily delivery applications. Apps like Uber and Ola are also the result of ever-evolving technological needs.


Online taxi booking apps have become a rage in the metro cities because these ride-hailing services have turned out to be a useful amenity for people. It saves their time and money because many people choose not to invest in cars because they have options like Ola and Uber.

People around the world use a car booking app on a daily basis and it is certainly an attractive business module.

Undeniably, the pandemic has changed the way people commute these days. The urge to avoid contamination has led to a spurge in the online taxi booking business. The car booking app business is growing speedily and is expected to achieve the target of more than USD 300 million profit by 2023.

Lets dig in further to understand the workflow of the cab booking application.

Workflow of Cab Booking Application

The purpose of a taxi booking app is to connect rider and driver. The software platform allows both parties to come in contact and serve the purpose. In order to book a cab, it is essential to follow the below-mentioned steps.

Requesting A Ride

The customer can book a cab from the smartphone and the same request is sent to a nearby driver partner. The application allows the user to check the estimated ride cost while booking a cab.

Connecting Both Parties

Once the customer has raised a request, the app shows the pickup address and estimated miles to reach the location. On the basis of the location, drivers can decide whether to accept the booking or reject it.

Confirmation By Driver

The driver uses the partners app to accept the ride request. Likewise, the customer will receive a notification of the driver's details. Apart from this, the application has a functionality that enables users to track the driver's movement in real-time.

Ratings & Feedbacks

Interestingly, the structure of online taxi booking app is built in a way that it considers safety and security of both the parties. Not only consumers but drivers also have the option to rate their experience in terms of behavior, safety, and security.

Insight: Post pandemic on-demand applications have seen immense growth, for instance along with cab booking application grocery delivery apps are also becoming a necessity.

Key Functionalities of Cab Booking Application

Consumer App


It is easy to register on the application, all you need to do is provide your contact details or you can register through your existing email account.

Trip Booking

Taxi booking app works in real-time, whenever a consumer needs a vehicle, they can book the cab through the application. No queue or wait time. Users can also book the cab in advance to prevent any delays.


Payment functionality is integrated in the cab booking software. The application provides different payment options to the users and saves the details for quick payments. It also has a wallet option where users can store their money for auto-payment purposes.

Trip History

It is easy to view ride details of different journeys from the account.


Users can rate their driver and share their experience. The feedback section helps to make the app reliable and trustworthy.

Advanced Consumer App Features

Improved GPS

The improved version of GPS will automatically track the users location, to get the pickup point.

Joint Rides

The motive behind adding a joint ride feature is to make rides pocket-friendly for the users. This feature allows 2-3 passengers to take the ride at the same time.

Selecting Vehicles

Consumers can select vehicles as per their preference and comfort at the time of booking.

Driver App


It is necessary for the driver to have complete verified and trusted registration with the enterprise. Drivers need to submit documents like driver license, Aadhaar card, and other identity proof.

Payment Account

The drivers earned money will get credited to his specific payment account either instantly or on a weekly basis. Account details can be changed by sending a request from the app.

Trip & Payment History

To calculate their monthly earning, partners can use a mobile app to track their monthly or weekly earning. Apart from this, they can also evaluate the journey details like delivery address, total journey miles etc.


Drivers can also share their feedback on the consumers behavior during the trip. This functionality gives the drivers the right to identify good users.

Advanced Driver App Features


Drivers can use the in-app GPS to take users to their destination. GPS not only shows the correct route but also updates about the traffic density.

Order Alert

Car booking app also allows the driver to accept the orders while on the route of an existing trip. Hence, drivers can book the trip in advance and can pick customers accordingly.

Multiple Vehicles

A driver can register on multiple vehicles and switch the same. This way partners can have never-stopping work experience.

Steps to Develop a Taxi Mobile App

Steps to Develop a Taxi Mobile App - infographic | SynapseIndia

  • Pre-development
  • Development
  • Ongoing support and updates
  • Marketing

Final Words

Consumers these days are looking for ways to travel in affordable ways and it seems like the future of ride-hailing services is bright. However, there are many factors that an organization has to consider, for instance security of the users, market challenges, localization, and user-driver supply-demand.

SynapseIndia has been known for developing mobile applications that help in boosting ROI and simultaneously serve its purpose efficiently and smoothly. Contact us today, if you want to own the best taxi app in India or anywhere in the world.



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