Kotlin: Latest Buzz in the Android App Development World

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Kotlin: Latest Buzz in the Android App Development World

Kotlin is an Android-oriented programming language that is statically typed and null-safe.It is truly compatible with Java platform and enables developers to create mobile apps effectively without any hassle.

By Jitendra

Developed by JetBrains’ team of programmers, Kotlin is accepted as a powerful programming language. It can perform effectively on Java Virtual Machine and can be easily compiled to the JavaScript source code. The app development platform, Android recently announced first-class support for Kotlin during a keynote at the annual conference of Google I/O. The introduction of Kotlin is really a great news for Android app developers and it opens new doors of opportunities for them. Here are some incredible benefits of Kotlin platform that will take Android app development to the next level of success:

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1. Easy to understand: Simple, concise, easy to write & read, Kotlin is a new era and Android oriented programming language that is statically-typed and null-safe. The developed code with Kotlin is truly simple in comparison to the Java equivalent. The best part of this programming language is that it is more human-readable and help professionals to easily debug the written code. Its ease of use nature empowers mobile app developers to create mobile apps easily and effectively.

2. Open Source Nature: It is an open source programming language under Apache 2. It offers an open ecosystem to the developer while using this solution for mobile app development. The open source nature of Kotlin creates a powerful ecosystem and is not bounded to one company.

3. Fully compatible with Java: The best benefit of Kotlin platform is its 100% compatibility with Java. Hence, developers can easily use the Java and Kotlin codes in the same project and compile effectively.

Introduction of this latest platform really empowers mobile app developers and provide them an additional tool to improve their work and perform best of best services even in the stipulated timeline and in a budget-friendly manner. Android application development company in India, SynapseIndia has great contribution in the development of a wide range of mobile apps. Being the credible mobile app development service provider always use the latest technology to meet the diverse needs of a client in a promising manner.


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