Points you Should Know for Building Robust HTML5 Apps

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Points you Should Know for Building Robust HTML5 Apps

Creating solid HTML5 applications is not that easy for every developer. What is the essentially required to do the same is to be aware of some crucial points that lead to successful HTML5 application development. Some of these include using ideas behind apps for webpages, knowing the method of functional programming and asynchronous operations and many more.

By Jitendra

Abundant tools are available for web app development nowadays; however, not all offer the same ease as offered by HTML5 and JavaScript. Specifically HTML5 has proven its worth when it comes to creating robust web applications. Developing HTML5 applications may seem to be rather tedious but the truth is that once you go past the learning curve and develop ample skills relevant enough for HTML5 development, it will be easier to get hold of the development process.

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There are a number of points you should know to ensure creation of solid HTML5 applications. Let’s take a look at a few of these -


HTML5/JavaScript App is Different from a Regular Website…

You cannot draw a line and explain the distinction in apps and web pages. If there is a factor to be set as standard then it should be in regard to the time elapsed between page loads. In case of an app, one does work for an hour on a page before actually reloading it; whereas such behavior is usually rare while working with webpages. So, different ideas behind apps can be used for webpages too. It will definitely lead to enhancement in the user experience.

Programming Experience Needed to Start Building HTML5 Apps..

You definitely need two things for this; firstly, you need to know the method to do functional programming and secondly, a better understanding of asynchronous operations. Quite often in a web app, a function may not return a value; later when the value is available, it takes a callback. So, you will essentially require getting used to it.
Most Common Mistakes in HTML5/JavaScript Apps…

Just like PHP, JavaScript allows beginners cut & paste code. The novice won’t even understand what’s going on and this would lead to a bad code overall. Some of the frequent mistakes that are often committed include direct use of DOM and overusing the global name space. Not getting a fair understanding of the language is another big mistake that can be avoided by getting to know the core basics more deeply. However, professional companies offering HTML5 web design services in India & abroad  have experienced developers who can deliver the work for you. So, you can rest assured of the expected results if you delegate your HTML5 app development project to a reputed company.


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