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RPA Software

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) plays a crucial role in improving business agility by reducing time, effort, and cost, while reducing manual errors. RPA tools streamline repetitive tasks and infact complete them faster, so businesses can have more time to focus on developing their strategy and other core goals. SynapseIndia brings its extensive experience in developing Robotic software that modernize workflows and improve customer experience.

We provide the most appropriate Robotic Process Automation solution to spearhead the process of digital transformation. Our RPA solutions automate critical business processes by leveraging advanced technology. With a team of highly-experienced RPA experts, we can evaluate your business processes and even develop custom Robotic modules to help you in digitizing your enterprise.

RPA Software

Robotic Automation

At SynapseIndia, we strive to assist our clients to enable digital transformation using RPA automation tools. We analyze and review your repetitive manual processes to design and develop RPA solutions. As a renowned Robotic tools development services provider, we provide complete insight into various Robotic automation tools and help to choose the one that is best for your business.

Rest assured that RPA will benefit you by minimizing human errors, improve customer experience, reduce overall cost, and allow to scale the processes as per your business requirements. Being a leading RPA development company, we use modern technology to deliver RPA solutions that executes with high accuracy and efficiency.

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RPA Technology

RPA Technology

RPA technology is not a physical robot, Robotic process automation (RPA) is the use of software with artificial intelligence (AI) / machine learning (ML) to handle high-volume, repetitive time-consuming tasks that required humans to perform. To build and manage an enterprise-wide program, you need RPA technology that can go far beyond simply helping you automate a single process.

RPA technology offers a superior customer experience and efficient error reduction, leveraging significant cost and efficiency benefits in short timeframes. An RPA software can help you become a fully automated enterprise. Hire our RPA developers to leverage the power of RPA technology.

RPA Solutions & Services

Robotic Process Automation solutions from SynapseIndia helps to evolve your business beyond conventional automation. Our RPA solutions span from strategy creation to implementation, deployment, & maintenance. Below is a snapshot of our Robotic Process Automation services.

RPA Consulting Services

Our experts provide RPA consulting services to analyze your business requirements, identify problems and find custom solutions leveraging process discovery and task mining tools.

RPA Software Development

We offer custom RPA development services worldwide. Our Robotic process automation developers have the expertise in developing RPA tools that streamline your process & dynamically impacts your business performance.

Custom Automation Solutions

Our Robotic solutions development team can help you identify potential processes for automation, design & propose how RPA automation will address your business requirements & develop Robotic Process Automation software to solve complex business problems.

Maintenance & Support

Our team of RPA developers provide on-time support for any RPA software related requirement. Support from SynapseIndia is available during and after Robotic Process Automation software development completion.

Hire RPA Developer

When you hire Robotic Process Automation developer from SynapseIndia, you can be sure of having an efficient and highly competent RPA software development team. Our team of Robotic Process Automation developers has a proven track record of empowering businesses to increase productivity, optimize process efficiency and reduce costs. Hire our experts for effortless Robotic Process Automation development:

Apt management from idea, development, to delivery

Hire RPA developers over 5+ years of experience

Competent & Certified RPA developers

Ingenious minds for Robotic process automation tools

RPA Consulting Services

RPA Consulting Services

SynapseIndia is one of the leading RPA companies with ability in designing and maintaining bespoke robotic process automation solutions. We are transforming the automation landscape by incorporating artificial intelligence to design Robotic Process Automation tools to modernize processes. As part of our RPA consulting services, we help organizations define automation strategies, discover, recommend the right processes for automation, and build RPA tools that fit for your organization.

We have a solid experience in providing professional RPA consulting and development services. With our RPA consulting services, we can help you identify automation opportunities and remove barriers to robotic process automation. Our RPA consultants prepare a document that sets out how Robotic Process Automation will help your business.

We recently consulted and implemented a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solution for an Oncology and Lab testing business:

Lab had multiple LIMS (Laboratory information management system) systems at various locations to store users information and manage reports. Due to covid 19, it had become difficult to manage all information / reports and keep in sync across all LIMS. Also there was a huge increase in man power requirement.


We studied/analyzed 3 LIMS(Laboratory information management system) and automated the process of data across all LIMS and Covid 19 portal. We used API’s and backend SQL queries to pull and push the data to avoid any issues in case of UI changes in future LIMS updates. We provided them a solution to download the excel files from portal and process them in an Intermediate software, where records can be viewed and updated if any change is required.

Information from this layer gets automatically pushed to internal LIMS. And once test gets complete and report gets updated in LIMS, the same is pulled in intermediate layer and pushed to client facing solution. End user can view the report against the sample collected. This helped our client to overcome the manual human error in mixing/wrong updates of records as well decrease in man power included in the process.

We have successfully implemented an RPA solution for an Energy provider.

The client had multiple excel sheets of powerhouse providers with different extensions. They were struggling to manage it. They wanted a solution where all those excel files could be merged into one file and pushed into the SQL database.


We analyzed the client's problem and devised a solution. We automated XLS files and put them into the database using Ui Path, an RPA tool. So whenever the client uploads new excel files to the URL, it automatically gets merged and pushed into the database.

Since each powerhouse provider had a different file format and extensions, it was not feasible to manually develop a separate program for each provider and convert all those files into a standard file extension. The automation saved a lot of time and made the whole process hassle-free.


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How does Robotic Process Automation work?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can also be thought of as a virtual employee. RPA tools works with your existing applications and thus automatically carries out structured processes. No changes to existing systems needed – RPA gets the job done like your employees do flawlessly and without tiring.

How much does it cost to take advantage of RPA integration services?

The actual cost of RPA integration services depends on your business requirements, the engagement model you choose, the total man-hours required, the technology stack used, and other related factors. As a leading Robotic Process Automation company, we offer top quality RPA development solutions that fit the budget of each company.

How SynapseIndia is different from other RPA companies?

At SynapseIndia, we believe in keeping up with technology and motivating our expert teams to improve their skills in accordance with the changing in technology. One such trending technology is RPA, or Robotic Process Automation development services. So, our experts provide world-class Robotic solutions which makes us different from other RPA companies.