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Internet of Things (IoT) – Unlocking the Infinite Possibilities

Internet of Things is a network of devices that are connected via internet to create a smart environment. In IoT, the “things” are the objects that gather and send data without any external intervention. These objects can be controlled and monitored remotely. By 2020, it is expected that there will be 50+ billion IoT devices globally. This not only includes smartphones but coffee makers, washing machines, digital wearable devices and almost everything with a sensor in it.

IoT - Applications & Uses

The Internet of Things helps people live and work smarter. In addition to smart devices and homes, IoT is also essential to businesses. Its application extends to various sectors such as consumer, commercial and infrastructure. A large part of IoT devices are built for different consumer use like smart apps, Internet of Wearable Things, connected vehicles, etc. IoT also provides businesses with real-time data to show performance & insights into everything.

This technology is utilized in almost every industry, including healthcare, finance, retail, and manufacturing. Smart cities help citizens with a wide variety of benefits like smart traffic management, urban security, water distribution management, etc. The use of connected sensors is rapidly growing in farming to monitor crop/cattle yields and predict growth patterns. The uses/applications of this future technology are increasing in everyday life which will continue to grow with more businesses realizing its potential.

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  • Why IoT Matters?

    Why IoT Matters?

    IoT revolves around communication between two or more digital devices. It offers unbeatable businesses opportunities and enables you to extend your business without any boundaries. Additionally, it helps to reach more customers and ease business operations.

    For a consumer, this technology streamlines their day-to-day activities, helps in saving bills (utility), improve health and much more. IoT supports various ways to create systems flexibly and cost-effectively. Smart devices will certainly become more involved in the future and continue to make our lives better.

  • Working of an IoT system

    Working of an IoT system

    In a complete IoT system, there are 4 components - connectivity, sensors/devices, data processing, and a user interface. Multiple objects/devices with built-in sensors are connected to the IoT platform to form a digital environment. Here's how it works -

    • The devices gather data from their environment.
    • The collected data is then sent to cloud using the internet.
    • Once it reaches the cloud, processing is done by the software.
    • Finally, the information is made available to the user.
  • IoT Applications

    IoT Applications

    From tracking your lost pet to monitoring your business, IoT applications are used in almost every aspect of your life. For a user, it helps in making a restaurant reservation, monitoring the progress of their exercise and much more.

    Businesses utilize IoT to understand the customers’ online purchasing habits, monitor and maintain inventory levels. Also, it helps in obtaining a predictive analysis regarding the maintenance of their machines and devices.

  • IoT in Industries

    IoT in Industries

    Internet of Things continues to drive growth for multiple industry verticals such as automobile, real estate, medical, education, etc. Its biggest impact can be seen through automation in business processes. It has helped industries grow beyond the expectations and influenced the way they operate.

    The technology is being rapidly adopted across all industry verticals. Not only these industries but others like hospitality, sports, banking, and construction are growing due to the positive influence of this next-gen technology. As a business owner or a services provider from any domain, it is important to adopt it as soon as possible.

  • Benefits of IoT

    Benefits of IoT

    • IoT devices provide authentic sales data based on queries like how, why, and where the products are used and purchased.
    • It allows businesses to make their production plans for the future.
    • IoT devices can save your important time and cost-effectively provide results.
    • IoT connects multiple devices in a common ecosystem. From smart devices to televisions, automobiles to refrigerators everything can be synced via the Internet of things. This helps companies in gaining authentic and reliable customer data.

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